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Lizzo and the Magic Flute

Seeing the number of negative posts and confused posts on how preservation, flutes, and history seems to work, we decided to put a pause on our scheduled historical blog post on the manufacturing of typewriters during WWII.  Instead, you will see a delightful post written by our Executive Director on first, the history of flutesContinue reading “Lizzo and the Magic Flute”

The Great Laundry Wars

While this may not be a historical saga, it is a modern one of historical proportions. Many of you, fair readers, may know that we venture out into the unknown often to put on displays on many eras. WWII happens to be one of our largest and most requested displays. This story, however, is notContinue reading “The Great Laundry Wars”

Bread Soup

A recipe that has been around for a quite a while, is that of bread soup. It was an easy way to make old bread last and still feed your family. Bread, when stale, could be used to make many things, like dried bread crumbs for cooking, a type of crackers, puddings and soup. TheContinue reading “Bread Soup”

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