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Onion Pie

This onion pie is based off of a recipe from 1767 from the Primitive Cookery. It has been modified for a modern audience. The original recipe included things like boiled eggs, apples, onions, nutmeg and more. It is more of a savory than sweet taste for a pie. Our version is below! 1 Pastry ShellContinue reading “Onion Pie”

Material Matters of the Early 19th Century

The early industrial revolution provided a vast alteration in the consumer culture and fashion of women in the early to mid-19th century, with innovations, a change in economy and a push for consumerism.  The women’s local economy before this industrial push was responsible for much of the creation of handspun items like cloth and notContinue reading “Material Matters of the Early 19th Century”

U.S. Cotton in WWII

While World War I may not have shown economic growth in the cotton industry in the United States, the following war, World War II would.  With the United states leading in manufacturing during the war, the nations found itself with a surplus of cotton.[1] The Berry Amendment aided a bit with this production, forcing allContinue reading “U.S. Cotton in WWII”

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