A Type to Build On

Typewriter Production in WWII. Many may claim that typewriters were massively produced during WWII, or that no typewriter was produced at all during the war on the United States Home-front.  Sadly, both overall statements would be incorrect.  Typewriter manufacturing did slow and stop for some companies, especially mid to late war, however it did notContinue reading “A Type to Build On”

Lizzo and the Magic Flute

Seeing the number of negative posts and confused posts on how preservation, flutes, and history seems to work, we decided to put a pause on our scheduled historical blog post on the manufacturing of typewriters during WWII.  Instead, you will see a delightful post written by our Executive Director on first, the history of flutesContinue reading “Lizzo and the Magic Flute”

Material Matters of the Early 19th Century

The early industrial revolution provided a vast alteration in the consumer culture and fashion of women in the early to mid-19th century, with innovations, a change in economy and a push for consumerism.  The women’s local economy before this industrial push was responsible for much of the creation of handspun items like cloth and notContinue reading “Material Matters of the Early 19th Century”