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What We Do


These shows can include a full encampment, firing displays, cooking displays, lectures, pirate history, maritime history, textile history and more. These era shows range from the late 17th century to the Revolutionary War.

World War II

We have a full working Signal Corps display and message center that will teach in an immersive setting how construction worked in the war, and how the message always got through. Our WWII history also includes WACs and WAVES.

World War I

Learn about the troops, the trenches and most of all the Hello Girls! We also use this time period to teach about prohibition and Women’s Suffrage.


Our Victorian displays are one of our newest additions. This display includes fashion history, a display of authentic Victorian and Edwardian clothing, treadle demos and steampunk.

History at Home

Stuck at home? We offer zoom lectures on a multitude of subjects from history to sewing workshops. We also have just made public our collection of artifacts, being added to frequently. Check it out!

Fantasy and Fire

We also offer Fantasy shows, including mermaids, a walking tree and fire performances.

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Other Reasons to Book!

The list below is just SOME of the places we have provided our education

  • Jamestown Settlement
  • Strawbery Banke Museum
  • National Geographic
  • Windham Textile and History Museum
  • Dr. Robinson Museum

Upcoming Public Events

  • Mid Atlantic Air Museum’s WWII Weekend, Reading, PA: June 4-6th, 2021
  • U.S.S. New Jersey Pirate Invasion, Camden NJ: July 11th 2021
  • Fort Mifflin Pirates and Privateers, Philadelphia PA: August 7th
  • U.S.S. New Jersey Victory Day, WWII in Camden NJ: August 14th
  • Conneaut Ohio D-Day, Conneaut Ohio: August 19-21th, 2021
  • Massachusetts Military Expo, WWII Signal Corps, Phillipston MA: Sept 11-12th 2021
  • Greenwich Artisans Fair, 18th C Merchant Sailors: Greenwich NJ: September 25-26th 2021
  • Military Transport Association Swap Meet, WWII Display, Sussex NJ: October 2-3rd 2021
  • WWII Weekend at Doc Robinson, Clark NJ: October 16-17th 2021
  • Shakespeare Renaissance Festival, Shelton CT: October 24th 2021