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These are free for your use in research, impressions and more. Just give credit when using these and do not resell!

WWII Paperwork

Field Desk and Records Chest Pamphlet

This is dated March 1st, 1943 and goes over the packing regulations for these two items for the Signal Corps in WWII. Print double sided, flip on long side. Best paper is a light ivory.

Standard Smith-Corona Typewriter Manual

This manual is for the Standard Portable type, including the Corona Specific models used in WWII. Print first page on a light brown paper, single sided. Print pages 2-7 double sided, flip on long side. Best paper used is a light ivory.

Knit for Defense WWII

This is for a download of the full copy of Knit for Defense from Red Hearts Wools from 1941. This is not meant to be reproduced as a download, more to be used as a tool to knit the items in the magazine.

WWII WAC Enlistment Letter

This is a cleaned up scan of an original for a woman enlisting in the Women’s Army Corps. The date makes us think this is just after the switch from the Auxiliary to the regular Army. Print this letter and have it on your person when reporting for duty! Best printed on a medium weight ivory paper.

1940s Era Separation Notice

This notice would have to been filled out when anyone employed join any of the military branches. It would have been originally done on a carbon stack of paper, cream on top, yellow and pink below. The cream would be submitted to the state, yellow for the employer, and the employee would have the pink. DO NOT PUT YOUR SSN ON THIS SLIP! Reason for separation would be the military branch you are joining.

Form 304A Locator Card-1941

This card was similar to a report of change notice, however was used specifically to notify the postal services of where service members were located. TM 12-255 which can be found for free with Google Books goes into more details on the usage of these cards. Print on tan cardstock or light brown cardstock. 3 can be printed per page. Top right corner has small notch cut in it as seen in photo.

Pig Puzzle

This free print is for a rather entertaining paper puzzle from WWII. It says “Where is the 5th pig” in both English and German. If you fold up the pigs just right, it turns into Hitler!

Woven Card Resource

This may not be a printable resource, however it is an important find for matching proper colors of woven tape for your US Military impression or research. Special thanks to the Mill Museum ( for this document!

Army ID Card

This download prints two. You will want to print the front page on a maroon cardstock, trimmed to about 1/2″ away from the fonts. The second page can be printed on an off-white ivory paper, trimmed to about 1/4″ from the edges. These will be glued together to create your ID card(s). It is suggested to trim them a bit after the glue is dry to make them more uniform in appearance.

WAAC Stationary

Print this on ivory paper to use it for letters. Common Stationary size was 3.875″ x 7.5″, although it can be used in whatever size you’d like! This is made from an original scan.

Soldier’s Individual Pay Record

Print the cover on a light brown card-stock, and the inside pay record sheets on ivory regular paper. There is cut marks to cut down, and each print makes two! Print the inside on both sides, flip on long side.

Appointment Certificate

This certificate is a must have for any rank changes! The original we cleaned up was actually for a 2nd Lieutenant WAC, even though the certificate says “he”. This means you can use it for both male and female Army members. Print on ivory legal paper, meaning 8.5″ x 14″. (original is seen below)

Morse Code Chart

This chart was from a collection from a WWII WASP, (Women’s Air Force Auxiliary) in Texas. This chart would be a quick reference on how to do Morse code for your telegraphs (like the TG-5s).

This should be printed on manila paper, 2 pages.

12th Army Group, Report of Operations, Volume IX

We were ECSTATIC to finally get this big chunk of a book scanned in. The map is included of HQ movements, however can be downloaded separately on this website. This is not for reproduction, but for research!

12th Army Group Map of HQ Movements

This map is from the volume IX Report of Operations from the 12th Army Group. It is an 11″ x 17″ size when printed properly. It is a cotton paper, light ivory.

Colonial Paperwork

Cruising Voyage ‘Round the World Map

This is a direct cleaned up scan from Woodes Rogers 1715 book. It will print best on a legal size paper, preferably linen-like and ivory. Picture seen is image “printed to fit” on a letter sized paper.

Indentured Servant Form

A high demand in 17th and 18th C reenacting! The blank spaces would be filled out with a quill pen with a brown/black ink. The witnesses can be random witnesses or court officials, and they would date below. Once the form was filled out, it would be creased and ripped down to size. Print on a tan paper, linen-eque if possible.

Court Receipt Form

This form references King George the Second, meaning dates should be 1727-1760. It is for received payment after a judgement was settled. If you need a different monarch, we may be able to hook you up! These print two per sheet. You can print on a linen resume paper or off-white. Your can tear or cut these out, both were common in the era.

Other Paperwork/ Downloads

1904 Xmas Card

This lovely card can be printed on regular paper or cardstock. It is copied with it’s original paper color, which is quite dark. The odd “Christmas” message inside is typical of the time. Print and cut out on the green lines, and punch a hone for a small ribbon to go through.

Please contact us if you are in search of any documents or resources!

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