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A Type to Build On

Typewriter Production in WWII. Many may claim that typewriters were massively produced during WWII, or that no typewriter was produced at all during the war

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Lizzo and the Magic Flute

Seeing the number of negative posts and confused posts on how preservation, flutes, and history seems to work, we decided to put a pause on

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The Great Laundry Wars

While this may not be a historical saga, it is a modern one of historical proportions. Many of you, fair readers, may know that we

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Bread Soup

A recipe that has been around for a quite a while, is that of bread soup. It was an easy way to make old bread

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Onion Pie

This onion pie is based off of a recipe from 1767 from the Primitive Cookery. It has been modified for a modern audience. The original

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U.S. Cotton in WWII

While World War I may not have shown economic growth in the cotton industry in the United States, the following war, World War II would. 

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Apple Dumpling Recipe

We had a few requests for a written version of our cooking video yesterday for a conventional stove top. It’s located above! Enjoy!

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