B.Historical takes donations for myriad of items related to the history of marginalized groups in the military, support troops, and those on the home front.  We are especially interested in women’s items from WWII, from the SPARS, WAVES, WACs, WAACs, WASPS, Marines Women’s Reserve, and Home-front organizations.

Items accepted include documents, objects, textiles, photographs, vehicles, and other military equipment.  We do not accept fine art.

Our goal is to provide digital resources of those items, whether they be high resolution photographs, scans, or downloadable resources. 

B.Historical strives to provide proper preservation techniques on all artifacts to make sure that they will survive for future generations of historians and researchers.

B.Historical’s staff includes credentialed archivists with proper archival and preservation training and degrees. 

To donate or contact us with questions, you may email us at: