About Us

Our Mission:

BHistorical pursues the preservation and interpretation of history of multiple time periods, specifically related to that of American History. BHistorical further fulfills its interpretive function through exhibitions, educational programs, publications, and an online resource website. Immersive education and resources for teachers, museums and other professionals is a large part of our mission, bringing history and education to our community.

Who Are We?

BHistorical is a DBA 501(c)(3) non profit under Bloody Historical. We have been a nonprofit since March, 2021.  If you’d like to join our board, donate to us, our volunteer, contact us!

Our Values

We value the diverse history of our country, meaning we specialize in teaching about the eras with misconceptions and people often not spoken about.

We prioritize ourselves to research and educate about the history of women in the military and their involvement with and alongside the military, mostly during WWII and the early colonial era.

Marginalized groups are another important subject, with segregated units, racism, and discrimination in multiple eras of history.


B.Historical can help with research, both with finding primary and secondary sources, and using our collections to help researchers, educators, students, and more.

For help with your research project, contact us!

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